28 Aug 2021 -

TEAM Pro Team



Double Muur does for half the field at Brussels Cycling Classic

A brutal parcours that featured double ascents of the Muur de Geraardsbergen, Bosberg and Congoberg in the last 80 kilometers of racing, completely split the field at the Brussles Cycling Classic with Team Novo Nordisk again looking to Andrea Peron as the Italian hung in there for as long as possible.

Sport Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“No surprises today. The guys fought on for as long as they could, but once the breakaway was caught and the selection formed on the Muur, that was it. Alpecin and Arkea had to chase because they had missed the move and the speed of the chase fractured what was left of the peloton.”

“We wanted to go all in for Andrea, Robbe and Umberto today and support those three. Everyone did their jobs to their maximum ability, but this was a hard race, raced at a very high level and again it was Andrea who was our last man standing.”

Andrea Peron:

“I couldn’t go with the attacks on the Muur. No chance. That was a super elite group, Gilbert, Hirschi, Evenepoel and they were flying. I only wanted to try and hold my position in what was left of the peloton, but as the chase increased, so did the splits and it became an all-out battle just to make it to the line. The pace was more regulated the second time around and it was a little easier to hold position”

“I’m glad it’s over. I used to like this race, but this new parcours is brutal. I’m joking of course, well maybe a little. But the additional climbs certainly made the race a lot harder and changed the characteristics of the final third. We’re looking forward to France now and another two tough races next week at Besancon and the Tour of Jura, where we will keep carrying our message and try to show everyone what is possible with diabetes.”