Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 4

18 April 2023

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

Stage 4 was a technical criterium with wide roads. Typically, the leader’s team controls the race and it finishes with a field sprint.

I told guys to try their best to stay in the front bubble of the race and ride the outside lines whenever possible to carry more speed. You can’t ride the US crits the same way you ride European races as the turns are taken much faster.

Quinten did well to stay in the middle of the pack, but unfortunately, he couldn’t quite get into the bubble. With a few more crits, he’ll be able to ride at the front.

Antonio had a similar experience to Quinten and was unable to move up. Nevertheless, he did a great job finishing in the group today.

As for Nathan he couldn’t move out of the back 20 riders, he managed to hang in there for 75% of the race. He did well.

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