14 Jul - 16 Jul 2023

TEAM Development Team


TEAM Development Team STAGES 3

Gemenc GP - Prologue

On the first day of Gemenc GP in Hungary, Team Novo Nordisk Development started with a short 2km prologue.

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“The course profile gradually became steeper and more challenging. I advised riders to start easy on the cobbles, get settled on the flatter section, and then go all out for the last 800m. All of them performed well today.“

Positive top 20 for Celestine Wattelle in Hungary at Gemenc GP

The Team Novo Nordisk development team got off to a good start on the first road stage at the Gemenc GP in Hungary with young Frenchman Celestin Wattelle finishing in 17th place and the whole team benefiting from the presence of the vastly experienced Hungarian legend Peter Kusztor.

“The guys rode well today, very positive performance,” Devo General manager Daniel Holt. “It was a good learning day for the riders and Peter was able to show Celestin a few things with positioning going into the sprint and Tyra resulted in a top 20 for Celestin!”

“The course didn’t look too challenging, and there were some good sprinter’s teams, so we knew it would finish in a field sprint. The guys should look for a break away to possibly get the KOM jersey, then just concentrate on hydration and nutrition, and try to set up Celestin and Peter in the last 3km for the sprint. It played out how we thought and it was a nice way to start the first of two road stages.“

Kusztor finishes in the top 10 on stage two & takes the best Hungarian rider jersey

Three days of racing in Hungary at the Gemenc GP ended with former national champion Peter Kusztor taking tenth place for Team Novo Nordisk Development on the second road stage and winning the best Hungarian rider jersey.

“Today’s stage looked harder since there was an actual climb, and it was the last opportunity for other teams to take over the race,” said Daniel Holt, the Development Team General Manager. “I told the guys to look for a chance to break away and then prepare for the likely bunch sprint.”

“All of them rode pretty well today. Peter did great to make the final selection of 13 riders over the top of the last climb and then fought hard to almost get on the podium.”

“It was great to have him here with the guys. He showed them what a true professional does at the races. They all learned so much from him. In the end, he also won the Best Hungarian rider jersey!”