11 Apr - 14 Apr 2023

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Poli gets out front and Kusztor digs deep on stage 1 in Sicily

Italian Umberto Poli found his breakaway stride once again for Team Novo Nordisk on stage one of the Giro di Sicilia before veteran Peter Kustzor found his legs for the final ramp and into 28th on the day.

The peloton set out from the historic port of Marsala and wound its way east along the coast and rolling roads towards the mesmerizing Valle dei Templi and up to the finish in Agrigento for a memorable opening day.

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“For the main part it was job done today, we started well with Umberto making it into the break of the day and that was our first objective ticked off. Then we got unlucky with Matyas crashing early on – he finished the stage but he’s a little battered and bruised.”

“For the final it was always going to be Peter for us on that kind of climb and he did his best to hang with the leaders as long as he could, but slipped back in the last kilometer.”

Umberto Poli:

“It wasn’t the first attack that went away, maybe after five or six kilometers, but it was the right attack and I’m happy that we went at the right time. Getting in the breakaway is important for us, we have a serious message to share and of course getting in the break in an Italian race is extra special for me.”

Peter Kusztor:

“I felt really good as we turned onto the climb to the finish and the group started to split as the pace increased. Initially I could deal with the accelerations, but the last km, the front of the race just slipped away from me. But wow, what a finish up through the Valle dei Templi.”

Photo credit: Sprint Cycling Agency

Planet picks up where poli left off in stage 2 in Sicily

French puncher Charles Planet shook off the last effects of a period of sickness on stage two of the Giro di Sicilia by storming into the breakaway for Team Novo Nordisk.

The most aggressive rider of the 2019 Tour du Pologne has had a challenging last two seasons and picking up the breakaway baton from teammate Umberto Poli took Planet back to the front of a big race and restocked the coffers with confidence.

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“Charles needs some more days like this, not only for his racing rhythm, but also for his confidence and we’re all happy that he spent a good day out front today. He was one of the guys driving the break on and that’s great to see him coming back into the team and riding well.”

Charles Planet:

“I haven’t made a secret that it’s been tough to come back into the bunch after my crash last year. I think it’s important to be open and honest and despite feeling good physically and having good numbers, I’m jumpy and nervous in the bunch. So getting out front in the breakaway and in the open was really good for me today.”

“The move didn’t go until after 25km and I saw it going and thought I need to bridge across. A couple of guys followed on my wheel and it tuned out to be a really good group. That’s two days in a row we’ve been in the breakaway, getting the basics done and being visible.”

Photo credit: Sprint Cycling Agency

Kusztor climbs well on stage 3 in Sicily

The oldest rider on the start line at the Giro di Sicilia proved once again that ‘age ain’t nuthin’ but a number’ with 38-year-old Peter Kusztor up here with the leaders on stage three.

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“We saw so much good teamwork from the guys today, I’m very pleased with how they rode. Always together as a group and working to look after Peter until the final.”

“It was always going to be tough up the last ramp to the finish with the sharp turns, but Peter did very well to keep battling at the front of the group and was very close to the top 20.”

Photo credit: Sprint Cycling Agency

Peter Kusztor:

“The guys were so good today! We were always together. Sam rode himself into the ground taking the wind early on, then Hamish going into the final was pulling the whole peloton at one point.”

“I gave it everything I had in the final and that was the best I had. The group were chasing hard to try and bring back the guy from Tudor, but he managed to stay away so chapeau to him. I’m a little bit disappointed to not make it into the top 20, but c’est la vie and we have a massive day coming up tomorrow for the final stage.”

Giro di Sicilia comes to a close in Giarre

Four great days of racing at the Giro di Sicilia came to a close with a brutal final stage that erupted on the slopes of Mount Etna before the final In Giarre.

Team Novo Nordisk again had former Hungarian champion Peter Kustzor at the head of proceedings on the early climbs before falling back late in the stage as the bunch blew apart.

Head sports Massimo Podenzana:

“I have to say its been a positive race for us, two breakaway’s, lots of visibility and a top 20 is what we came for.”

“The guys rode well together as a team and the overall improvements we have made this season were on show again and that’s more momentum that we carry into Reggio Calabria on Sunday.”

Peter Kustzor:

“It was very tough today, I mean we knew it would be, but it took a while for the breakaway to go and that didn’t really last very long. Things really started to split apart on the Floresta climb 90km in, and a lot of guys started to drop there including me.”

“I struggled to regain contact with the main group on the climb up Etna and by that point the front of the race had gone. I’m tired now, but I think we had a pretty good four days and let’s see how we recover for Sunday’s race in Calabria.”

Photo credit: Sprint Cycling Agency