22 Apr - 25 Apr 2021

TEAM Pro Team




Sports Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“This opening stage was always going to be one for the pure sprinters so, there are no surprises with the result today. It was super-fast and short at 90 kilometers, like a criterium and our plan was to go all in for Charles and try to support him for the final.”

“The guys did very well, working together and keeping Charles at the front, out of trouble and ready to go when the sprint unfolded. It ended up being a bit of a strange final, because there was a bunch kick, but not for the stage for second place as there was one lone attack that gained just enough of a gap to take the stage win.”

“In the end I am pleased, because of the teamwork and spirit the guys showed today. They are in good condition and we feel confident of getting a good result on one of the upcoming stages.”

Charles Planet:

“Man! The guys were great today, chapeau really. Everyone looked after myself and Mehdi and held our position very strongly they kept us up there from the neutral zone to the last kilometer and I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t break the top ten, but I feel really good and the guys showed that we are working well as a unit.”

“There was no breakaway all stage and it was over in just over two hours, it’s not really a surprise how it unfolded, but it was very fast, and the last circuit was full of corners, pretty hectic. Declan did such a good job over the last two kilometers to keep me at the front. I was hoping for top ten, but I am looking forward to trying again tomorrow.”


Sports Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“Another fast day out for the boys today and yet again I saw some great teamwork from everyone. Charles and Mehdi were well protected in the bunch from the wind and we just lost out a little on the final laps as we missed some top end speed.”

“Tomorrow will be a similar distance, but slightly different terrain, there’s a couple of short climbs coming before the finish and then a drag up to the line that should suit Charles, there are some very fast guys here, so we will see what we can do tomorrow.”

Logan Phippen:

Today, you can just call me the wind breaker. I spent a lot time doing that job on today’s stage and that’s where most of my energy went, keeping Charles and Mehdi sheltered and over the open roads across the middle of the stage and as a team we did that well.  It was pretty tough day at the office today.”

Mehdi Benhamouda:

“I felt good today and throughout the stage all the guys did a great job, we were together throughout the stage and the speed of the final laps really thinned the group out, but Charles and I were up there.”

“Charles really tried to lead me out, but it’s hard to do that kind of lead out against the pure sprinters teams who have three or four guys on the front and are really hammering the speed. It was hectic, but the important thing is the teamwork and that we are feeling good together.”


Sports Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

There’s no doubt about it, very hard stage for our guys today. The climbs were much tougher in real life than the race profile and with the tailwind for most of the stage it made for a very fast day.”

“We did our best for Charles and Sam and in turn they worked hard for each other, pulling over the last ascent and finishing in the same group over the line., but we missed the punch to stay with the first group over the climbs today.”

Sam Brand:

“We left it all out on the road today, it was hard work and despite giving it our all we missed having numbers for the final kilometers and we couldn’t bridge the gap over to the front group.”

“It’s the last stage tomorrow and we’ll leave it all out there again to try and get a good result, but it will be hard. It’s the longest stage of the race at 160 kilometers and the start is straight on to a climb, but we want to fight, and we want to go home with our heads high.”


Team Novo Nordisk save the best until last in Serbia. A great day of teamwork concludes with a perfect lead out from Charles Planet and 8th place from Mehdi Benhamouda. The team’s second top ten of the 2021. 

Sports Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“I saw some good signs from the boys this week, of course I am still getting to know the riders and how they work best, but especially towards the end of the race they were working well together and communicating more and they demonstrated that today by helping Mehdi to a top 10 finish.”

“We are trying to get a point where the guys are sacrificing themselves for the common goal, understanding what their roles are and working to achieve those objectives. Racing is dynamic and things change constantly and it’s really important to communicate and adapt to the situation.”

“Yes, we didn’t get the results that we wanted at the start, but we gained experience from our first race in Serbia and took another important step forward and like in Rhodes they produced the goods on the last stage. These guys certainly know how to save the best until last.” 

Mehdi Benhamouda:

“I’m so happy that we could get the results that we’ve been working for here at Belgrade Banjaluka for the last few days. The guys gave it all for me today and did their jobs perfectly.”

“The final laps were very fast and hectic and at one point Charles just turned and said to me ‘let’s go!’ and we went! He gave me the perfect lead out and for sure I’m happy that we got top ten, but I think we can go better, top five or even the podium. That’s my goal now.”