TNN Development conquers second stage of Tour of Bulgaria

29 August 2023

On the third day of the Tour of Bulgaria, Team Novo Nordisk Development faced a tough but relatively short stage, covering only 108km. The route featured a steep climb in the second half of the stage, which was expected to split the peloton.

Sergey Lagutin, Development Team Head Coach:

“I advised the riders to form a solid gruppetto in order to get over the climb. This would allow them to avoid getting caught in the wind and to save energy for the final climb.”

“Doriand and Antonio did a great job. They stayed in the gruppetto throughout the stage and managed to get over the climb without any problems. They finished in the third group, just over 6 minutes behind the stage winner.”

“I’m happy with the way the guys rode today. It was a tough day, but they showed a lot of strength. We are building on our experience and I am looking forward to seeing how they perform in the long 180km stage tomorrow.”

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