TNN Development Faces Weather Challenges at Tour of Bulgaria

28 August 2023

Team Novo Nordisk Development team began the Tour of Bulgaria on Saturday with a short yet intense prologue due to harsh weather conditions. The race continued on Sunday where our Devo riders went through two stages on that same day.

Sergey Lagutin, Development Team Head Coach:

“The first stage didn’t look too challenging. The plan was for the riders to position themselves at the front during the climb and to support Celestin or Doriand for the final sprint.”

“The stage started quite easily, and the breakaway formed immediately with five riders, getting a two-minute gap. Our riders performed well, with most of them finishing in the second group.”

“The second stage was a short one but harder due to the very hot weather. It was a good learning experience for our guys, and a good preparation for the upcoming days.”

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