1 Mar 2023

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Ridolfo takes the reigns in laigueglia with day in the break

A cold, wet and windy 60th edition of Trofeo Laigueglia unfolded on the Ligurian coast with 21-year-old Filippo Ridolfo straight into his first breakaway of the season for Team Novo Nordisk.

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“For these guys here today this was their first race of the season and Laigueglia is not an easy race to start with – especially in todays tough conditions. So we were very clear in this mornings team meeting that it was important to get someone in the breakaway and Filippo did a great job to be part of the main nine rider move.”

“One by one the peloton started to shrink and kilometer by kilometer the rain got heavier and the temperature dropped lower, it was brutal out there and I’m pleased that we managed to achieve our goal of making the breakaway.”

Filippo Ridolfo:

“It was cold at the beginning, but not so bad and gradually it got worse then all of a sudden it was hammering down with rain and freezing cold. I can’t feel my hands or my face right now and I’m from Udine, so that’s saying something!”

“Thankfully I followed the right move at the start and was able to stay and collaborate in the breakaway. Both Declan and I were at the front trying to attack and I went with around ten other guys but it came back after 5km and then I was still at the front when the second move went so I jumped in.”

“We collaborated really well together and for the first 100km I felt pretty good, but as the bunch started to close in I started to struggle more on the climbs. I’m happy to start my season out front through and get some exposure for the team and our sponsors.”