5 Oct - 9 Oct 2023

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Top 20 for TNN at the opening stage of Tour of Hainan

The Tour of Hainan kicked off with a bang as Team Novo Nordisk secured two top 20 finishes. The opening stage covered a swift 93 km along the beautiful Hainan Island coastline, with Hamish Beadle securing a remarkable 15th place, setting the tone for a triumphant day, closely followed by Quinten de Graeve in the 16th position.

Gennady Mikhaylov, Sports Director:

“The team rode really well today. The peloton stayed together the whole race, and the stage finished in a bunch sprint.”

“Hamish was positioned well in the final sprint, but he was closed in by other riders at the end. It was a close one, but he secured a fantastic 15th place. Quinten was also excellent, finishing right behind him in 16th. It’s a great start to the Tour of Hainan, and we’re looking forward to the next stages.”

Hamish Beadle (NZL):

“It was good to test the legs out today. I felt really good in the sprint, but I lost positioning in the final 300m. We need to work on some things as a team, but overall, it was a good day for us. Now that the nerves are out of the system, we will try again tomorrow.”

Photo credits: Santic Cycling

Lozano Scoring Another Top 20 in The Hainan's Steep Finish

The Tour of Hainan became more challenging as it entered its second stage. It proved to be a great test for the riders, as it covered the longest distance of the entire tour, stretching over an impressive 215 kilometers along the coast of Hainan Island. The race intensified in the last 10 km with a steep climb up to Baoting with David Lozano being the fastest finisher for Team Novo Nordisk and getting another top 20 finish for the team.

Gennady Mikhaylov, Sports Director:

“Today’s stage was the longest of the race. The peloton was restless from the start, with attacks coming from all over. We tried our luck early on, but the breakaway was quickly reeled in. At kilometer 38, a new group formed, together with Stephen Clancy. This breakaway managed to stay ahead for most of the stage, but it eventually broke down on the KOM climb. In the finish, David showed off his climbing skills and finished just outside the top 10 in the 13th place.”

“Despite the relentless attacks, our team rode well together. We never gave up on the chance to get into the breakaway. In the end, we didn’t have the legs to be in the top 10, but we can be proud of our performance on such a difficult day.”

David Lozano (ESP):

“Today turned out to be a good day for our team and me personally. We started off aggressively, aiming to get one of us in the breakaway. After many tries, Stephen successfully joined one until the KOM climb, where it was caught. After that, our team worked hard to keep Sam and me safe for the finish.”

“I like these uphill finishes, but today, there were too many strong competitors left at the end. I was hoping to get a top 10, but it didn’t work out. Luckily, we have three more chances, and I’m looking forward to that!”

Lozano Prevails Over Hainan's Climbs for Top 10 Finish

Team Novo Nordisk delivered a strong performance during stage 3 of the Tour of Hainan, with David Lozano securing a top 10 finish in 8th place. This stage presented a tougher challenge compared to previous ones, featuring a 123 km route with 2300 meters of climbing, marking it as this year’s first mountain stage. The day’s sunny, hot, and humid weather added to the already demanding conditions, making it an even more challenging stage.

Gennady Mikhaylov, Sports director:

“Today’s stage was hot and fast. We faced a few hard climbs, but the team worked well together. The most significant ascent came within the last 25 kilometers, just before the finish line, where David once again showcased his great climbing skills. Getting a top 10 finish, which was our goal, leaves us really satisfied with today’s outcome.”

David Lozano (ESP):

“We all worked together, supported each other, and the guys did an amazing job, bringing bottles and assisting during the challenging 12 km climb. Achieving a top 10 finish is a great result for both the team and myself in this mountain stage, so overall, it’s been a good day for us.”

Beadle secures 8th Place at the Stage 4 in China, as the Team Prepares for tomorrow's Finale

China once again showcased its beautiful terrain on Hainan Island during the fourth stage of the Tour of Hainan, featuring challenging climbs along the 150km route. Hamish Beadle secured another top 10 with an impressive 8th place finish, contributing to a successful day for Team Novo Nordisk.

Gennady Mikhaylov, Sports director:

“It was another strong day for us. The guys collaborated effectively throughout the entire stage, and the results speak for themselves. Achieving another top 10 finish is a great accomplishment. Hamish displayed his strength by securing 8th place, making it a great day not only for him but also for the entire team.”

“After multiple successful days, we’re even more motivated for tomorrow’s last stage, hoping to get another good result and finish the Tour of Hainan on a higher note. The team’s dedication and performance have been outstanding, and we aim to carry this momentum forward.”

Hamish Beadle (NZL):

“Guys collectively gave their all for me today, with David finishing it off with a fantastic lead-out. It’s disappointing to come so close, but it’s also great to be back in the mix!”

Photo credit: Tour of Hainan

TNN Shines in Tour of Hainan's Final Stage with Breakaway

The final stage of the Tour of Hainan hit hard with its grueling 205km route. But that didn’t deter the riders from giving their all and achieving great results. Quinten de Graeve was a standout for Team Novo Nordisk, as he managed to stay in the breakaway for over 100 km. Adding to the successful day, Hamish Beadle and David Lozano both finished in the top 20.

Gennady Mikhaylov, Sports director:

“The last stage was a long one with many attacks and an active peloton. At kilometer 45, Quinten managed to join the good breakaway and stayed there until the last KOM. He performed really well today, showcasing his youthful energy. At the finish, the guys worked together effectively, resulting in another top 20 finish, with Hamish finishing 13th and Lozano 18th.”

“We had a great time here in China. We always love to come back, and we’ll miss it here. The Tour of Hainan was a successful race for us, and we’ll remember it in a positive light.”

Quinten de Graeve (BEL):

“After 45 km, I was in a good move. It took a bit of time to get a bigger gap, but eventually, we managed it. I wanted to start the last KOM climb after 160 km with as much time as possible so I could help in the finish. I made it to the top in the bunch and then I did my best to help Hamish with all that was left in my legs in the final.”

“It was great to race in China again. I had a really good time and gained more experiences. I am grateful for the opportunity to have raced here and I hope to come back again in the upcoming years.”

Photo credit: Tour of Hainan